You never get a second chance to make a Great First Impression! (5/31/15)

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” / Will Rogers

One of my favorite business topics to not only talk about, but write about as well is;

How to Make a Great First Impression?

Why you may ask?

Because I believe it is so important in both your personal and professional life to make a good first impression with people.

How you look is how you are perceived.

Show a poor image and I will guarantee you, that is how you will be treated.

And I don’t just mean how you are dressed either.

It is how you treat people, your body language, eye contact, mannerisms, etc.

Think about that date you may have coming up.  What are you going to wear?  My guess is your very best to make a good impression.

How about an upcoming interview or important business meeting?  Are you going to walk into in with your old jeans and t-shirt or are you wearing your power suit and perhaps, your power tie?

Here are a few of my suggestions on how to make a great first impression:

Smile – yes, I know, smiling was #1 on my last blog, only it’s so important I had to put it as #1 again on this list.

Never underestimate the power of a nice, genuine smile.  And it needs to be genuine, otherwise it doesn’t count.  And trust me, people can tell.

Your Presentation –  Does it fit you well?  This one is super important, your clothes should fit you like a glove.

It doesn’t matter if it’s from Lord & Taylor or Target, it should fit well.  Is it pressed?  Are there buttons missing or is the hem hanging?  Do your shoes have scuff marks on them?

Before you walk out the door, check yourself over in a full length mirror.  From head to toe.

Think, do the colors work for you?  I mean, I love the color pink, yet I don’t believe I own one piece of clothing that’s pink because quite simply, it doesn’t look good on me.

I know what colors look good on me, just like I know what styles work for me.  I love Ralph Lauren’s clothes only I can’t wear them, they just don’t work on my body.

So do you know which clothes work and don’t work for you.  How about colors?

Body Language – how do you carry yourself?  Do you carry yourself with pride?

Is your head up, shoulders back (as we’ve all heard that one from our parents I’m sure), yet it’s true.

When you walk, do you walk with conviction or do you kind of stroll along?  And yes, there is a difference.

People with power always walk like they have somewhere to go.

When you walk into a room you want people to notice you, not so much for what you are wearing, more so, for who you are.

Many people call this charisma.

Call if what you want, in order to make a great first impression, you have to have it all together.

Attitude – when you meet someone for the first time, you want them to walk away thinking, I really like this person and I want to have a personal/business relationship with them.

That’s also what great sellers want but that’s a blog for another day.

My point is, do you have a great attitude towards life and can others feel it?

People tell me often that they can “feel” my positive energy and I believe it.

I know I can feel when someone doesn’t.  You do too, it’s the person you meet who sucks the energy right out of you and sometimes the room.

Don’t be that person.

The little things – do you need a new haircut?

As I write this, I just checked myself in the mirror, and I’m thinking I need one myself.   I always feel better (and lighter) after I get my haircut.

How about your nails?  That goes for both men and women.

And lastly, what about your words?  When you meet someone for the first time do you have something nice to say?

Compliments always work when meeting someone for the first time if you can’t think of anything else to say.  I mean, who doesn’t love a compliment?

That’s just a few of my suggestions on how to make a great first impression.

And if you follow them, you have a very good chance at making a great first impression!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ Be so good they can’t ignore you!


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