What goes around, comes around! (4/13/16)*

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As mother Theresa has been quoted as saying “no one ever went poor by giving” yet so many people think that if they have to “give up” something, they are losing something as well.  And perhaps less likely to succeed.  Giving comes in many forms.

Giving is not just money or material things.  Giving a smile to a stranger.  Opening the door for the person behind you.  Donating old clothes to the Salvation Army.  Saying thank you to the lady who serves you lunch.  Acknowledging the guy who cleans your office with a hearty hello and how are you today!

Simple things everyone can do every day to give of themselves, yet many don’t.

You see it everywhere that people have this attitude that if I give something to you, then I lose something. When in reality, it’s the opposite.

The more you give, the more you receive.  That’s how the universe works.  You know that thing called “The Secret.”

It gives back to you what you give out.  So if you are giving out your kindness and generosity that is what you will receive.  It’s that simple.

For example, if “Bonny” gets a big promotion at work I should be happy for her and congratulate her. Not be jealous or envious. If I’m genuinely happy for Bonny then I’m sending out happy thoughts which in turn will come back to me!

If I’m jealous and envious of her, then I’m blocking all the good stuff.  And those negative vibes? Well you know what happens when you put those negative vibes out there? They have a boomerang affect and will come right back at you!

For instance, when I get invited to someone’s house and I step inside and it’s really beautiful, I don’t walk inside and say to myself  “wow, why can’t my house be this nice?”  Hell no!  “I think, I’m so happy I have friends with cool houses, and I get invited over”!  Same thing if someone comes to pick me up in their new car, I think “how great is this!”

This thought process also applies to cars, parties, boats, vacation houses, events, opportunities, people and places. The list is endless.  It also has another effect on you, if it’s something you really want? Say a new house or car, that feeling sends a message to your brain saying “add that to the list of things to make happen.”  And don’t be surprised if it does!

My success is not tied to anyone or anything other than my own actions, and neither is yours. Which I guess is why I can give a smile so easily and be nice to people effortlessly.   I will continue to put out those good vibes because I know whatever I put out, will come back!

Talk soon,

Patti <3

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