Share that beautiful smile ;-) (10/8/18)*

A Smile πŸ˜‰

One little smile can do amazing things!

It can lift spirits, it can say “hello”, it can melt hearts, and so much more.

And yet, not enough people do it.

Just look around, whether you are at work (definitely few smiles at work), shopping at the mall, at the doctors office, or at 7-11.

Mostly what you see, unhappy faces.

I think there is a huge misconception out there.Β  That, in order to smile, your life must be perfectly happy, that you have no problems, and that everything is great!Β  Β But that’s not the case!Β  Your smile can say; my life may not be perfect, but I’m still smiling!

They say the strongest people have the biggest smiles because they have experienced the heartaches of life an survived!Β  And I can tell you first hand, that is true for me!

Ok, so I’m not bragging when I say, I am known for my beautiful smile (I even list it in my bios)!Β  Sincerely.Β  And it is a genuine smile (there is a difference).Β  Someone just asked me the other day, how is it I am always smiling?Β  Β My response, ‘it just comes naturally.’Β  And it does.Β  Call it my God-given gift.Β  Honestly, I don’t know.Β  What I do know, is my smile makes people happy!

And I love that.Β  I love that I can make people happy just by smiling at them.Β  It happens just about everywhere I go!



I just wish more people did it!

A simple smile πŸ˜‰

It’s amazing what it can do!

I’ve told this story before, and now I’m going to share it again…

One day I was at the deli counter at my local grocery store and the guy behind the counter was obviously having a bad day.Β  I gave him my order and he started telling me about his bad day.

I didn’t say much, just nodded along, showing him I was listening.Β  And of course, giving him a gentle smile.Β  And then a funny thing happened.

actually started smiling, talking a little more animated.Β  And in a matter of five minutes, his whole body language changed.

When he handed me my order, I looked at him and said, ‘hey, I hope the rest of your day gets better’.Β  And he looked at me and said, ‘it already has’.

That’s what a smile can do!

It costs nothing, and yet it is priceless!

Added benefit to smiling, and I know you’ve heard it before;Β  ‘your smile is your best accessory’.Β  And the reason for that is because it makes you so much more attractive (in more ways than one)…and does wonders for your body and soul well!

That beautiful smile of yours helps you walk taller, adds to your self-confidence, makes you a magnet for love/opportunities/magic (yes, magic), and adds to your charisma (who can’t resist a beautiful smile, no matter what you’re wearing?)

It’s what you call a win/win! #lifehack101

Keep smiling my friends πŸ˜‰

Till next time!

Patti <3

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