When it’s time to “reboot”, do it! (7/25/15)

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You know when you’ve been on your computer too much and it just freezes? You hit control, alt, delete…and still nothing. You wait a bit longer, staring at the screen, hoping it will come back any second. Only it doesn’t.  You wait and wait, and still NOTHING.

So, you are forced to turn it off, unplug it and wait a few minutes and try again.

Life is like that too.  Sometimes you are trying SO hard to make something happen.  You try and try.  From every angle.  And yet, NOTHING.  Or certainly, not the results you want or expect.

You get frustrated.  You get angry.  You might even get sad.  You might even say, “that’s it, I quit.”

Only you don’t.  What you do, is walk away from the situation, just like when your computer freezes.  You “REBOOT”.  You walk AWAY from the situation and “REFRESH” your ideas.

Making big dreams come true doesn’t come easy, NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE!

There is a quote from Tom Hanks:

“If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the HARD that makes it GREAT.”

So next time you find yourself frustrated over a situation, no matter what it is, “reboot”.

And here are some suggestions to get yourself back on track:

  1. Talk a walk outside.
  2. Go see a movie.
  3. Have lunch with a good friend, preferably one that is a good listener and big supporter of yours.
  4. Take a vacation, even if it’s for the day. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go only never made the time.
  5. Be around people you’ve never met before. Go to a networking meeting and talk to strangers.  You never know what ideas can come from it?
  6. If you live near the ocean, go to the beach. There is NOTHING better in this world than to breath in that ocean air.  Sure cure for anything that is bothering you.
  7. Read a trashy novel.  Read those magazines that you have been collecting only never had time to get to.  Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.  If you’ve never read it, get it now.  It is a MUST-read for everyone on this planet.
  8. Sign-up for a class or seminar. Even better if it is something you know nothing about.
  9. AND last but not least and probably the most important: Be good to yourself.  We tend to beat ourselves up when we are frustrated or sad.  That is exactly the time we need to be EXTRA good to ourselves.  Good thoughts come when we are FEELING GOOD!

So next time you find yourself frustrated or racking your brain over a situation, reboot!

Till next time,

Patti <3

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