What do YOUR clothes say about you?

Think about it?  If your clothes and style aren’t saying SOMETHING, you might want to rethink the way you put your clothes together.

Style is about what makes you feel good, your unique personality comes through in what you wear.  And what works for one person may not work for another.  That’s what style is all about.  Fashion is the clothes that designers put out every season.  Style is what you do with those clothes.  How do you match them up?  What accessories do you add?

That’s the fun of dressing for yourself.  Finding your style.  Say something interesting with your wardrobe.

I never understand when I see people who dress like they have nothing to say.  Everybody has something to say.  And when I see those people who dress like they have nothing to say, (as if they just want to blend into the background), I want to ask them why?

Why, when you can dress anyway you want, do you want to dress like you are invisible?  Because that is literally what happens.  Let the world know who you are.  Let the world see you!  That’s the whole fun of dressing, not just dressing up, just dressing!

Till next time,

Patti <3

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