Want great customer service? (9/20/16)


Be a great customer!

In my line of business, Image Consulting and Personal Shopping, I’m in the stores often, and I deal with many people, on all different levels.

And a common subject I hear often is, how do you get great customer service? 

I shop a lot for myself as well, it got me thinking?  How DO YOU get great customer service?

So I have come up with nine suggestions to get great customer service:

  1. Smile! Yes, no one wants to deal with someone who looks mad or has an angry face. Smiling is the quickest and easiest way to get someone to listen to you and help you.
  1. Be a repeat customer. Stores love repeat customers.  Look at the place where you get your morning coffee, chances are, they know your name.  They look happy to see you when you walk in.  They may even give you a free cup of coffee every now and then or some other little goodie.  I know from personal experience, the place where I get my morning coffee (and afternoon coffee, and nightly last minute stops), everyone who works there knows my name, and there is always an exchange of “good mornings” all around.  It is always a pleasant experience. That’s what “Customer Appreciation Day” is all about, giving back to their loyal customers.
  1. Here’s something every shopper should do, know the names of the sales people where you do a lot of shopping. It’s no secret that I have a special love for Michael Kors shoes.  So whenever I am in the market for new ones, I go to a particular department store and see my favorite sales lady (who knows I have a thing for Michael Kors shoes).  She gives me amazing customer service, she knows what I like and don’t, and always hooks me up with a “special” coupon. I walk away with a new pair of shoes, she gets her commission. We are both happy women.
  1. Dress for Success. I know many of you won’t agree with me here, only, if you look nice, chances are, you are going to get better customer service.  Plain and simple fact of life.
  1. Take care of the people who take care of you. I have become good friends with the woman who is the manager of the coffee shop I frequent.  A few years ago she commented that she loved my perfume.  That Christmas I bought her a bottle.  She was so grateful and happy.  And now I do it every year, I’m happy that she’s happy.
  1. Treat people with respect. I have seen far too many people treat sales people so shabbily.  Everyone deserves respect, from the president to the custodian, no one is above anyone.  True story: a few years ago when Sandy hit and we had no electricity I had to shower at the gym (who thankfully had power).  Unfortunately, there were a lot of other women there too, so the lines to take a shower were long.  My very first day on line, the woman custodian/cleaner pulled me aside on line and told me about another shower upstairs and that there was no line.  I was so happy and grateful.  After I came out of the shower I found her and thanked her again.  Show respect to everyone!
  1. When it comes to money. A friend of mine once told me that in the country she comes from, it is a sin to throw money down.  You know how people do that at the register? They just throw the money down and not hand it to the person?  Money is looked upon as a blessing in her country, so if you throw the money down, it means you are throwing away a blessing.  And who would want to do that?   Plus, it’s just plain rude, so don’t do it!
  1. The business side of things. If you are truly having a major problem customer service issue, and this goes for any kind of establishment, go straight to the top! That’s what I do.
  2. And last but not least, BE a good customer. I have to say, 99% of the time I go shopping, I have a great experience.  And I believe I know the answer.  I am a great customer.  I smile, I say hello, I say please and thank you.  I use people’s names (that’s the reason employees wear name badges, use them).  I bring good energy with me wherever I go, especially shopping, and if you can’t be happy shopping, you are in the wrong shop!

Till next time!

Patti <3

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