Today is tomorrow! (6/26/17)


As I started to write this blog, I realized it’s been almost two weeks since I have written a blog.  I knew it had been a while, but two weeks!

I had no idea.  And why you might ask?  Once again, it’s that thing called life, and she got in the way again!

So what have I been doing the past two weeks?

Let’s see:

I bought a new car and got new insurance (I’m pretty sure I got a few grey hairs after this experience). As a Personal Shopper, I’ll shop for anything, except electronics and cars!

Working in and on my business.  I got two new clients in one week,  a new opportunity came to me and I’m working with designers on that, working on my social media, starting a new service for Summer, so working on that as well…the list goes on and on…

Started a new class, something that’s been on my bucket list for years, finally found the right place for me!

And of course, life itself.

Kids, house, social life, etc.

But I’m back on track now.  I have a whole new bunch of ideas for future blogs.

Now researching pictures to go with each blog along with taking new pictures of me (that’s always fun πŸ˜‰ and a job in of itself! #branding

That’s how life goes.  It throws us off track sometimes.  The “thing” is, to get back “on track“.

I see many people who don’t quite understand that principle.

Life throws them off the track, and they stay there.  Wandering.  Hopeless.  No direction.

That’s one of the reason you always hear about writing down your goals, so that when you lose your focus, all you have to do is look at your goals, and realize where you have to turn your focus to.

And when I say, write it down, I literally mean, write that shit down!

Remember, with no goals, there is no focus!


As for me, I have my goals written several places.

I have a white board in my office with monthly and yearly goals.

I also break them down into different areas of my life.  I have a vision board, also in my office, with pictures of my goals.

I also have them written in my notebook that I always carry with me so that I can reference them at any moment when I’m on the road.  It helps me when I’m thinking about a new idea, to see if it’s in-line with my goals, otherwise I’m just wasting my time!

So, if you are reading this, and you think you fell off the track, and can’t figure out how to get back-on-track, consider this your get “back-on-track” fix!


Till next time,

Patti <3

NineFrogs ~ Be so good they can’t ignore you!






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