Stop waiting for Friday! (12/9/16)

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Stop waiting.

For anyone or anything!

Stop waiting for happiness, love or money to come knocking on your door!

Whatever you want, is OUT THERE, and you need to get OUT THERE to get it!

So stop wasting another second of your life waiting!

Go. Do and be, that is LIVING!


I am always amazed when I talk to people and they keep telling me they are waiting on this, that or the other thing.

Sure, I can understand if maybe it is not the IDEAL time to do something.

But if you are using the same excuse(s) over and over.  I’d say bullshiz.

Time is marching on and none of us are getting any younger.

So I say the time is now!

The time is NOW.

When I started my business back in 2012. I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing.


But I knew one thing, I was going to be internationally successful!!!

Did I know HOW?

Absolutely not.

I just knew I had to start.

And that’s what you do.

When people say “Well Patti, I don’t have any money to start my business now.”

With all the FREE social media in the world accessible to just about everybody, you don’t need money.

You don’t need a website or even a business card.

What you do need is time, energy and enthusiasm.  And lot’s of each for that matter.

As far as I know, there are only a few things in this life you actually have to wait for. 

Nine months to have a baby comes to mind.πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Kermit the Frog🐸🐸🐸


This is so true.

Stop letting your doubts hold you back.

You’re ready now.

“In life, what you really want, will never come easy.”

It will be so worth it, I promise you!

NineFrogs Wisdom😊😊😊

You get the point.

Stop waiting, start doing!

And if you need some help getting there, contact me today!

Till next time,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ Be so good they can’t ignore you!


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