Stop! Get out of your way! (3/4/15)


Stop! Get out of your way!

Because if you don’t, you will once again fucc things up.

Happens all the time, we have all the best intentions of doing something, and yet, somehow we manage to get in our own way and stop ourselves from doing it.  We over think it, fill out head with doubts and come up with a million reasons why it won’t work.

nine frogs out of my way


Stop thinking so much.  

Stop listening to other people (who rarely have your best interest at heart anyway).  Stop giving your power away (more on that subject another day).  

Stop doubting yourself, you’re awesome.

We were all born with so much potential, use it, today!

So, moral of the story, GET OUT OF YOUR WAY!

Till next time,

Patricia <3 always

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