Monday Motivation! (9/19/16)

Patricia Bokowski, please help spread the word. Here are the top 10 ways people give away their power:
  1. Choosing to be unhappy.
  2. Fear of anything, especially falling in love.
  3. Believing that karma or spiritual contracts are absolute.
  4. Waiting for their ducks to line up before acting.
  5. Believing in soul mates.
  6. Attaching to unimportant details and outcomes.
  7. Thinking they have dues to pay.
  8. Worrying about HOW their dream will come true.
  9. Thinking God decides who gets what.
  10. Asking others what they should do.




Without a doubt!


I know a lot of people who love Monday’s.

They say it’s a fresh start to the new week.

A new do-over.

As for me, everyday is a Monday.  That’s how I look at it.

Everyday is a fresh start.  If I fuck up today, I have tomorrow to start again!

All that waiting for Monday is a complete waste of time.  If you want to achieve something, start now.

I see way too many people who are always waiting for Monday.

Tick Tock…

To start a diet, to go to the gym, to start something new, etc.

Stop waiting for Monday!  Start today.

Whatever it is you want, NOW is the best time to start it!

Stop waiting!

Tick Tock…

And here’s a little something I wanted to share:

How you feel, Patricia, is more important than anything else. 
And this is something you get to choose, moment by moment. 
Supercoolhappy works for me,
   The Universe
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Super easy!

Till next time,

Patricia <3 always

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