Marianne Williamson’s powerful words! (9/7/17)*


Marianne Williamson’s powerful words should inspire you to do great things☝☝☝

I’ve had this poem posted on the back of my office door for years now.

And I try to  make sure I read it at least once a week.  

To remind myself of what a badass I can be (you too).

I think for many people, and myself included sometimes, we back down from doing something because we are actually afraid of shining to bright, afraid of using our power.

Well, no more! 

I’m giving myself, and you, permission to shine like a fuccking shooting star✨✨✨

“Playing small does not serve the world.” 

I love that so much❤❤❤

Imagine if everyone lived their life this way…now that would be a revolution!

Till next time,

Patricia <3 always

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