How To Make A Great First Impression – II (7/20/17)

How to make a great first impression, one of my favorite topics! Why you might ask?

Because it is so important, in both our personal and professional lives. As we all know by now, you make your first impression before you even say a word.

You have about 3-5 seconds to make your first impression, and it’s a combination of your energy, body language and dress. S

o that is why it is so important to make sure it is a great one!

We’ve all the experience of meeting someone new, whether it is personal or business, and we have already make up our mind whether we like them or not, before they even open their mouth.

I know I do.

I’ve got it down to a science, before anyone says a word to me, I can tell if I am going to like them or not (and that goes for both personal and professional).

And you might think it has to do with how they dress (everyone seems to think this), only you would be wrong!

Recently I was out shopping and a woman walked by me, stopped, turned around and said, “OMG, you have the most beautiful make-up, just like a professional.”

Now of course I loved the compliment, only it was more about her enthusiasm, it was genuine, she had a beautiful smile, and something just told me, that her and I had just made a connection.

And I was right, she is now a client of mine!

So, let’s take a little refresher class on “how to tips” of making a great first impression:

SMILE – yes, I know. I say it ALL THE TIME! And that is because as much as I say it, I still see people who don’t smile πŸ˜‰

Anyone else out there on dating sights? Do you see how many people don’t smile in their profile pictures?

I actually have it written in my profile that if you aren’t smiling in your profile picture, do not write me!

That’s how important an issue it is with me.

My feeling is, if you can’t be smiling in your profile picture, what must you be like in real life?

And this goes for my professional life as well.

When I meet someone new, I’m always looking to see if they are smiling (i.e. happy), because quite frankly, I like working with happy people!

YOUR ENERGY – I know if people just aren’t aware or what, only your energy is extremely important!

I get complimented on mine often.

Why you might ask?

Because when I meet people, whether I know them or not, I most often, have a big smile (yes, I get complimented often on my smile as well) and a “happy” spirit.

Especially when I’m meeting someone new, I am very aware of the energy I bring, and if I am looking to make a great first impression, you can be sure, I bring it on BIG time.

Now, am I “on” all the time, no. I reserve it, as you should.

Everyone only has so much of it per day, some more than others.

Just remember it the next time you are meeting someone.

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? – I know as a society in general, people just don’t dress up like they used to!

Only, holy shiz, I don’t know what some people are thinking?

I see some outrageous outfits going on out there, people shopping in pajamas, men with socks and sandals (dear God, I thought that look was gone, but I was wrong), people looking like they just rolled out of bed, in public!

If you want to make a great first impression, make sure your outfit suits you well.

The fit, does it fit you like a glove? If not, take it to a tailor and have them fix it. Is the color right for you?

I love the color pink, only you will rarely see me in pink because for the most part it doesn’t really suit me.

Whether you wear scrubs, a suit and tie, a dress, or jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever your “uniform” is as Tom Ford would say, make sure you make your own statement in it!

YOUR ATTITUDE – My tag line (see above) reads “Wear Attitude is Everything”.

There is a reason for that!

Your attitude shapes the way you see the world.

Have a bad attitude, and everything pretty much sucks (we all know “those” people).

Have a great attitude, and you see the world in a whole new light.

And I make a note here as I’ve had this conversation with so many people who feel like they “can’t” have a good attitude because they have this or that problem.

Guess what folks?

Everyone has problems/issues, everyone!

The difference is, if you have a bad or negative attitude about them, it will only make them worse. If you have a good or better attitude about them, you will find the answers and the people who can help you solve them, come to you so much easier.

Ok, back to your attitude.

That saying, “Find your tribe, love them hard!”

Whenever I meet someone like me, I consider them part of MY tribe.

And it’s not so easy to find like-minded people these days.

So many people have negative/bad vibes, and if I find someone like that, I don’t want them in my personal life OR my professional life.

And if I find you are my kind of person, I’ll make sure you know how much I appreciate having you in my life.


THE LITTLE THINGS – When’s the last time you got your haircut?

That goes for both women and men, and extremely important!

How do your nails look?

Might be time for a little polishing.

And lastly, want to make a really great first impression when you meet someone new?

Give them a genuine compliment!

I mean, who doesn’t like a compliment?

And they will remember you very fondly.

The lady who gave me a compliment that day in the store, every time I see her, I remember that compliment!

Just remember, it needs to be genuine!

So there you have some of my suggestions, I have more, this is just a sampling.

It doesn’t take much, only it does take some effort on your part to put it together.

And so worth it!

Till next time,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ Be so good they can’t ignore you!


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