How to Dress For Success! (10/3/16)


Today’s blog, one of my favorite subjects; How to dress for success!

We’ve all been there, those mornings (or times in our lives) when you just don’t want to get out of bed.  

You feel like crap.  

Nothing is going your way, maybe you had a fight with someone?

Maybe your weekend didn’t go well?

Maybe you didn’t get the job you wanted, or the girl/boy you wanted?

Whatever the case may be.

Maybe just because it’s a Monday and you have no drive whatsoever.

But I can tell you this, drowning in your misery will not help you feel better.


So I’ve put together a list of suggestions to get you going:

MOVE.  Get the hell out of bed.  

Make a mental list of three things to do immediately after getting out of bed, like this:

1. Get out of bed.

2. Take a shower and get ready.

3. go to gym/work/somewhere I need to be.

Do not get to #3 and go to the couch and watch TV all day, or to your computer and play games all day long.

This will not help you out of your funk.

Go get a haircut.

It seems so simple, yet so many people won’t do it.

Getting your haircut is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get you feeling good.

And try something different, color it, cut it short, shave it off (for you men who have that wave thing going), whatever moves you, just do it!

I have yet to have a client who had their hair cut who didn’t feel fabulous after doing so.


Meet a friend for lunch/dinner.

Preferably with a friend with a good ear, who will listen to what’s going on with you.

Sometimes we just need to get it out, and after we tell someone, it doesn’t sound as bad as we think it is.

And if you have a really good friend, they will remind you of that!

Listen to some great music.  In this day and age of all things technical, make a playlist of songs that you love, that inspire you, that make you feel good, that make you want to dance.

No sappy love songs or anything like that.

I have a playlist called GYM songs, all songs I love, fast, upbeat, that have me singing in the car 😉

Music has a tremendous affect on us, use it to your advantage.


There is a saying, “Garbage in, Garbage out!”

Don’t read the paper or listen to anything toxic.  

These days, especially politically wise, there is SO much negative vibes going on, it’s hard to not feel bad or down.

So don’t.

The world is still going to keep going whether you are up-to-date with what’s going on or not.

As for me, I don’t read the paper, anyone anywhere on any social media site that continues to post negative things, I unfollow them, block them, whatever, I don’t want to see it.

I only want to see positive, uplifting posts.

Things that make me happy, things that make me smile, things that inspire or motivate me.

I suggest you do the same.

Call your mom, or you dad, your brother or sister, your grandma or grandpa.

Call the person that knows you best and will listen to you.

Everyone has got someone, when you are feeling down, now is the time to call.


Yes, it’s true.  “All the advice in the world will never help you until you help yourself!”

Do something nice for someone else.

Even though you may not want to, when you’re feeling kind of crappy, it’s a great time to do good for someone who needs a hand.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult, you could go through your closet and get rid of some old clothes and donate them, or your pantry and donate food to a soup kitchen.

Or perhaps maybe there is someone you know who doesn’t have a car and could use a ride.  

The list is endless, just think about it.

And then do it!

And last but not least, look your best (you knew that was coming)!

I know this is a hard one, you’re not feeling great and the last thing you want to do is get dressed.

And I am telling you, one of the worst things you can do is sit around in your pj’s or walk around looking a mess.

This is the time to do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself, and looking good will help you feel good, I promise.

So go take a shower, get dressed, go out, and never give up!

So there you have it, my nine suggestions to feel good when you’re not feel good.  

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ Be so good they can’t ignore you!



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