I got sunshine on my shoulder (smile)

I think the color yellow pretty much has that affect on everyone!   The color yellow, as in the sun, warms you up, even on a cold day (such as today, here in New York).  So I thought, what better way to share a little sunshine than share some yellow inspiration!  Enjoy:


It’s your choice either way!

Fun and flirty dress from A New Day / Target / Love <3

Urban Outfitters / Yellow Sneakers / Perfect For The Gym This Spring

How Cute Is This Bike? / Talk About Yellow Inspiration!

Sally La Pointe / Resort 18 / Adore <3

Yellow Bedroom Inspiration / Pretty & Calming <3

ETRO / S/S18 / The Perfect Spring Clutch

Cinq a Sept / Resort 18 / Spring Fashion / Fabulous!

Hamda Al Fahim / Yellow Wedding Dress / Simply Divine 

Free People / Yellow Floral Dress / How Lovely Is This Dress?

Something I Bet You Never Thought Of / Yellow Nailpolish / LOVE It <3 / Great For Summer

The Perfect Yellow Buffet Display / All That Yellow Goodness / Looks Yummy 😉

TigerMist X 3 = Sunshine In A Bottle 😉

And Last But Not Least / Don’t Be So…

Remember to live each day to the fullest!  Whether it’s a Monday or a Friday, be grateful for every day you wake up, a privilege denied by many!

Talk soon,

Patti <3

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