Shopping on a budget! (12/29/18)* #makeup #hair #nails

So this was supposed to be my blog on shopping with little or no budget for the holidays.  Unfortunately, work, decorating the house, shopping for Christmas, and life got in the way. 

And here we are three days later, and I’m now writing it!

I was going to scrap the blog all together, but then I thought, well, there are plenty of other occasions to give gifts throughout the year, and under the same circumstances.  Therefore, we’re going ahead!

And instead of calling it “Holiday gift giving on a budget”, I’m calling it “Gift giving on a Budget”!  Who doesn’t love receiving a gift at any time of year!

When you really think about it, does it really matter whether you are shopping for Christmas or someone’s birthday?  It doesn’t.

That said, here are some suggestions for gift giving on a budget:

BEBE Parfum, I bought a few of these for some people on my list as a little something, cost was a little less for $5.00!  And they loved it!
I bought these at Walmart for myself.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but they are rose gold, and look stunning. If I was giving them as a gift, I would take them off the card, and put them in a nice box, and no one would ever know!

I bought this for myself at TJMaxx, for a little less than $5.00, and I love it, six highlighters!
Have a friend who adores lipstick and you know their favorite color?  Depending on your price range, you can go higher or lower!

Do you have that one friend who’s a little sparkly than most?  Flash tattoos are an amazing gift, cost, less than $10.00!
Is there someone you need to get a gift for with a sweet tooth?  Even one beautiful cupcake makes a great gift!

Is there a Fashionista on your list who loves to shop?  Pick up a NineFrogs Official Shopping tote-bag, two for $5.00!  A must-have for the Fashionista in your life!

Can you cook or bake?  How about making a nice dinner for someone and dropping it off at their place! Or bake them something you know they like, put it in a nice gift bag!
Lottery Tickets!  Who doesn’t love getting them!  It’s a big thing in our family for both giving and receiving.  Whether you can only afford $1.00, $5.00 or more, trust me, they are always appreciated!

Does the recipient of your gift love wine?  The thing about wine, you can get a bottle for as little as $5.00 and then you can go from there.  Wrap in one of those silver bags with a bow, perfect!

House sitting or Pet sitting.  If you are an animal love and know someone could use your services, that’s absolutely a great gift!
Stationery.  Somebody gave me this box last year for my birthday, someone who knows me well, Sparkling Barbie! I love them!
Have that special someone to get a gift for and can’t think of what do get?  Why not a gift certificate for their very own Personal Shopping Experience with Patricia D. Bokowski of NineFrogs!

And there you have it!  Gifts for every spectrum of your budget!  All it takes is a little creativity and effort, and you can come up with the perfect gift for your shopping budget!

Talk soon,

Patti <3

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