F.R.O.G. (10/10/16)



Have you ever heard the acronym for F.R.O.G.?  It means, Fully Rely On God.  Don’t believe me, Google it!

Yes, it’s true.  Have you ever seen someone wearing a frog pin or have a frog statue on their desk or in their home, that’s the meaning behind it.  It is a friendly reminder that no matter how crazy the world gets, or how many problems you may think you have, God is still there for you, and has a wonderful plan in store!

Where does this originate?  I do not know, something about frogs I suppose.  Perhaps that is why frogs are considered good luck in Feng Shui!  Yet another reason that picking a name for my business with the word frog in it was a sign from up above, who knew 😉


I like to think of it as just another reminder to never give up!  There is always a solution to every problem!

Till next time,

Patti B.

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