Dressing in your Easter Best! (4/15/17)

Every body has some bunny to love them!  Happy Easter!  Ready to dress in your Easter Best?  I wanted to share some Easter Fun and Fashion today, please enjoy:

Easter Adorable!  What would Easter be without these precious dolls?  Adore!

Dolce & Gabbana – Spring 2017, Florals never looked so good! Perfect for Easter Brunch!

60’s Easter Chic, check out that Fedora, glam all the way, love it!

Spotted this bag on my latest shopping expedition, and thought, ‘is that not the most perfect Easter bag?’, Guess Spring 2017!

Easter Brunch will never be the same with these adorable pancakes, I >3 them!

The perfect Easter sheath from Talbots with this floral beauty, take a classic design and a pop of brilliant colors and you have a masterpiece of style!  This would be at the top of the list for all Easter Fashionista’s!

From, Who Wants My Look, this bold, ‘Pinkiliscious” sexy, number.  For the daring Easter Fashionista!

The most darling shoes from For Love and Lemons, adore <3

Boho Easter Chic, for those that knock tradition, fun and flirty, and that hat just makes it that much better!

Never forget, some bunny loves you <3

Lela Rose / Spring 2017!  Easter meets Key West!  Enchanting florals, and those glam glasses, you can’t go wrong!

And for those that want to wear their peeps instead of eating them, love it!

A whisper of elegance, a hint of seduction, not for your everyday Easter Fashionista, but those who dare, fierce!

A gorgeous Easter Table, let your creativity loose and mix and match plates, glasses, flat-wear, even your linens, it doesn’t have to be all matchy-matchy.  That’s what makes tablescapes interesting!

For the modern Easter Fashionista, bright and breezy, says it all!  And those shoes, the perfect touch!

Best Easter hat ever!  And that smile, too cute!  Talk about taking your peeps with you everywhere 😉

Christopher Korey, real men do wear pink!  I’ve said it before, and it goes for men too, don’t be afraid to try different colors and styles, you may be very surprised!

One of my favorite shoe designers, Brian Atwood.  I adore these, whether for Easter or not!  They totally rock!

And what would Easter be without a charming, little ladies, fashionista’s in the making photo?  How cute is she?

Lastly, I wish you all a Happy Easter!  Love, happiness, family & friends, sharing & caring <3

Till next time,

Patti <3

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