Why you should “Dress for Success” (8/24/16)

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If you don’t think your image says anything about you, you are, simply put, wrong!

I hear and read so many talk about how people shouldn’t be shallow, or how, what if you are a good person, only you aren’t good looking, or any other version of why it doesn’t matter what you look like.   And you know what I say to that, BullShit!

Looking good does not mean you have to look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, nor should you want to (not that they aren’t both gorgeous).  Your aim should be to look like the BEST version of YOU!  And only you!  Wake up folks, you are being judged every day, like it or not.  Every time you step out into the world, whether it’s your local coffee shop, a meeting, a date, a party, a business deal…everywhere you go, people are looking at not only what you wear, how you wear it AND how you carry yourself as well.

It’s the whole package, as I often say.

Does it mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to buy expensive clothes to look good?  No it does not.  It takes time and energy to put yourself together before you step out, time to make sure you look your best.  Time to make sure you look good from head to toe.  And people will notice.  When you look your best and have that whole positive energy thing going, people will be attracted to you in ways you won’t even expect.  Strangers will smile at you.  People will hold doors open for you.  Strangers will start talking to you.  People are attracted to shiny things (and you will be the shiny thing).  Don’t believe me?  Try it!

A good haircut is a great way to start, that’s for both men and women.  A great haircut makes you feel, well, great!  How’s your skin looking?  Again, that goes for both sexes.  Keep your skin in great condition (I’ll be writing a blog on that one shortly).  The first thing people notice on a person is their face, so you want to make sure you shine brightly in that department.  Next is your outfit, does it fit well (so important), is it pressed (yes, that means ironing or going to your local dry cleaner), is it missing any buttons…you get the idea.  And lastly, your shoes.  For the men, are they shined and look good, or do they look like they’ve been through the mud?  And ladies, do your shoes look like they have seen better days?  Remember, it’s the WHOLE package, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it does cost you time.

And the penalty for not looking your best, a lot.

Who has a job interview coming up?  It is crucial to look your best, and my advice on this one, Overdress!  Better to be over-dressed than under-dressed when it comes to interviews.  You want to stand out, and in a good way.  Going on a first date any time soon, same thing, look sharp.  How about that big business meeting you have coming up?  Want to impress them?  Wear your best power suit?   And that goes for both men and women.  Don’t have a power suit?  Time to get one then.  Whether you are a career person or an entrepreneur, looking your best AND feeling your best go hand-in-hand.  And both, are vital to BEING your best!

Till next time,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ Be so good they can’t ignore you!


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