I feel a change coming! (1/22/18)


The next time life tosses you a multiples choice test, Patricia, remember… 

The more time you give it, the more choices you’ll have. 

There’ll always be more than one right answer. And, 

Waiting for divine intervention is almost never a good idea. 

Poised for greatness,
   The Universe

Time to check in on your attitude!

So how do you think it’s working for you?

We’re half-way through January of the new year, so let me ask you, how’s your year going so far?

I was out shopping the other day and I over-heard a conversation between two women, apparently, hadn’t seen in each other in a while and were catching up…

Woman 1 – so how are you doing?  everything going good?

Woman 2 – oh, you know…I’m tired, I feel like I can never catch up, blah, blah, blah

Woman 1 – I know, the older I get, the harder everything seems.  Some days I find it hard to do anything!

Woman 2 – I know exactly how you feel.  Just getting dressed and combing my hair is an effort these days.

Woman 1 – It just doesn’t seem fair does it?

Woman 2 – Exactly, life just seems to be getting more complicated and harder, I just can’t deal with it.

The tag line for my business is:  Where Attitude is Everything!

There’s a reason for that, having a great attitude is what you need in life to not only survive, but to strive!

And yet, so many people just don’t get that.  I hear soooo many people complain, about just about everything.  And it’s people of all ages.  That’s life people!  You either conquer it, or it will conquer you!

Is it easy?  Not always.  Some days it is a struggle.  Fortunately, those days are few and far between.

That’s why it is so important to have a positive attitude, even in the face of adversity.

Or should I say, especially in the face of adversity.

That positive attitude is what can help you get through the worst of days.

Having the right attitude shines right through you.

People can feel it.

It fuels your energy, and as we all know, your energy is contagious.

You become a magnet for people who want what you have.

I for one, get this all the time, I have a positive attitude and a high amount of energy, add in my smile ;-)…you got it,

I’m a magnet!

I was having dinner with a friend over this past holiday, and they asked me, how do you keep such a positive attitude?

That’s easy I said, before I get out of bed in the morning, I think of all the things in my life to be grateful for.

Things that I now have, that I had wished for before!  

Then, I think about all the things I need to accomplish in the day, (and having my own business, that list is endless), and I get up, and I don’t stop!

Food for thought: 

Most people don’t ever think about all the things they now have?  Things they “once” wished they could have?  A house, a baby, a life partner, money, the perfect job, the car they always wanted, a successful business, happiness, the list goes on and on.  Only, most people focus more on the things they “don’t have!  Is that you?https://www.ninefrogs.com

A positive attitude works miracles in your life (I’m written about this in several of my blogs), a positive attitude helps you live your life on a different level, and more importantly, brings about serendipities you never thought possible!

Henry Ford had it right! Always think YOU CAN.  You never know where it will take you!

Till next time,

Patti <3

NineFrogs ~ Where Attitude is Everything!