Attitude Adjustment (2018)

“Your spirit is what keeps you going,

your attitude is how you show it to the world!”

Patricia D. Bokowski

So how’s YOUR attitude these days?

Are you walking with your head held high, focused, determined and full of energy?

Or, are you depressed, thoughts wandering daily, can barely put one foot in front of the other, and at a loss of what to do next after your morning coffee?

Read on…

That’s the kind of attitude you SHOULD have!  If not, an attitude adjustment is needed ASAP!


Captain Jack got it right!  The problem is not the problem, it’s your attitude about the problem, that’s the problem.  I read something recently that said, “somebody took your very problems and won!”  Keep the right attitude to be a winner at life!



You have to take it day by day.  I think that’s what trips people up sometimes.  They over-think things way too much.  Stop taking in all the “bad” stuff, and focus on taking in the “good” stuff.  You cannot have a great attitude if you are taking in garbage.  That goes for your brain, your soul, and your stomach.  Remember, garbage in, garbage out!



Ever notice how some people are like magnets?  Like they are some kind of beacon of light?  Some might say it’s confidence, some might say it’s their energy, and some might say it’s their attitude.  Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above.  The point is, when you have a great attitude, you pretty much automatically gain great self-confidence, and, have a high amount of energy.  The kind of energy that people feed off of, that’s what you want!



Once upon a time, I had a large circle around me.  These days, my circle is extremely small, like really small.  There is a reason for that…over the years since I started my business, I’ve encountered some people who did not have MY best intentions in mind.  It took me a while to figure that out.   Point is, be careful who you surround yourself with (that goes for your personal life as well as your professional life), as this will have a huge affect on your attitude.  You can’t be bright, focused and determined, if there is someone in your circle bringing you down.  It’s your circle, guard it closely.



There’s yours truly.  Now I ask you, did you think I could do something like this if I didn’t have a great attitude!  Posting pictures of myself on Instagram promoting brands for the whole world to see?  You gotta have major attitude to do this, and fortunately for me, I have it!  Did I get that overnight?  Absolutely not, it is something I have been working on my whole life, and it really kicked in when I started my business.  And now, I work at it everyday.  You can too, no excuses!

For anyone who doesn’t know, the tag line on my NineFrogs website is; Where Attitude Is Everything.  And that’s been there since day one.  Because even six years ago, I knew having a positive attitude was either going to make me or break me.  Is it easy?  For the most part yes, but I have my days, very few fortunately, where it is a struggle.  Those are the days you have to press on no matter what!  And here’s a little nugget of wisdom:

Don’t ever forget…

“It’s not over until I win!”

Les Brown


If all you’re doing is talking about people, how are you ever going to achieve your goals?  You need to surround yourself with people who are on the same playing level you are on.  People who wake up every day determined, focused and goal-oriented.  People who have the same zest for life that you do!  People who are excited to be alive!



You can’t have a bad day with a good attitude, that’s the truth.  Everyone has problems, or issues as I like to call them.  So if you are walking around with a bad attitude, and then a “problem” arises, how are you going to deal with it?  If you have a bad attitude, undoubtedly you will feel the problem is a whole lot bigger than it actually is if you aren’t thinking clearly.  (Because when you have a positive attitude, you tend to think a whole lot clearer, and when you have a bad attitude, vice versa).  Make sure you keep a positive attitude!

That says it all!  Change your attitude, change your life!

That’s a wrap!  And if you need help in gaining that positive attitude, get in touch with me today!

Talk soon,

Patti <3

NineFrogs ~ Where Attitude is Everything!








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