9 Feng Shui Tips to improve your life! (2/28/19)

I got the idea to write this blog 9 Feng Shui Tips to improve your life because I am so into Feng Shui these days!

Feng Shui: (in Chinese thought) – a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy, and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.

To me, Feng Shui means tranquility, peace and balance.

In essence, it is how you arrange the things around you, and the capacity to let more energy enter your life. 

The good kind of energy.

Feng Shui, can literally change your life!


Whether it is physical, mental or spiritual, Feng Shui can change your life.  

To explain the whole philosophy of Feng Shui in one blog is simply too much!

So instead, today I’m sharing some of MY favorite Feng Shui hints, plus a few extra, to get your life in balance…

ditch the tv in your bedroom!
AKA – think positive!
Kindness always!
I have a money tree!
Ok, not Buddha!
Stand in the happiness!
It’s called the balance of life!
“if you are depressed, you are thinking about the past,
if you are anxious, you are thinking about the future,
live in the moment, and live in peace!”

Feng Shui is really such a beautiful thing.  And it can literally change your life.

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ Be so good they can’t ignore you!


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