My Mission Statement:

“To Inspire, Style and Motivate the Masses”

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You know what they say?  “Shoe love is true love!” And we are so in love!

Patti is known for her winning smile, genuine charm, and ease at working with her clients. She is friendly and an utmost professional. Whether it is a successful shopping trip or an Image Consulting visit, her clients walk away happy and satisfied and with a shot of inspiration. Patti has a proven talent for easily and effectively handling challenging tasks and requests, and is always eager to assist wherever possible.  Patti is a true people-person, she is a great listener and truly understands what her clients really need from her so that she can assist them with the greatest care.

Patti has a very impressive background with over twenty successful years in The Corporate World, with a strong emphasis on office management, corporate administration, telecommunications and event planning.  Patti cultivated her event management skills by years of coordinating conferences, retreats, parties, reunions & office functions. She has a reputation as a true professional, possesses excellent communication and organizational skills, and can be counted on to handle any confidential matter with tact and discretion.

In addition to her outstanding business background, Patti has over ten years experience in the Aviation industry. In her various roles, Patti has coordinated both travel and ground transportation for high level executives, secured charter aircraft for business and leisure travel and traveled internationally to assist with group conferences.

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